Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lately Kicks... Winter...

...and it's all about keeping warm and buying new things - where the budget will allow. Winter's SNAPPED into Melbourne and it's just been freezing.

I was getting a bit worried about how little money I had to spend on nice things, but it's remarkable just how happy a new pair of little black Vans can make me (it might even be a bit weird, just how happy); so fuelled by the end of June sales and the desperate need for new kicks, I splurged. Oh yes, it's all about the kicks, guys. I have actually become a great dirty, great shoe-lord, and have assembled quite the army of canvas and rubber over the past two weeks.

And hand-me-downs! I've been REAPING lately. They are actually the best, and without having to sell my soul, this post is pretty much sponsored by Claire - the girl who lives downstairs. She was out of wardrobe space and, as a result, I was dumped on by a winter's supply of flannys, basics and the odd extra-interesting garment (note also: the ziggy-zag shoes below - brand new in the post and the wrong size. She said they reminded her of me and refused to send them back. What a neighbour!).

And to think I thought I'd never be one of those 'shoe girls'.

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Jennifer Craft said...

We're all shoe girls secretly ;) LOVE the chevron pair! Cool blog...

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