Monday, July 8, 2013


Last night set the scene for one of the biggest nights in a Student Flights consultant's year - the Annual National Ball. This year's theme: Prom.

Considering that last year, by 1am we were kicked out of Ball (held in a Sydney venue I shall neglect to name) as a nation - this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. Hopefully no-one cheekily kicks a bouncer in the leg.

As per usual I am too lazy to make any kind of preparations, but typical Bronni style comes through in the form of a smashing little black dress I got at some op-shop about 5 years ago for around three dollars. I love it but have never had the opportunity or occasion to wear it out in public... this was the perfect thing for the job. 

So I went in that, with no date, dusty pink lips and a black lace headband borrowed from Sarah at the last minute, when I realised the taxi was on it's way and my hair was not at all done. And fuck, we had the blurriest, best night ever. You should have been there.

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